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Minnesota Evidence-based Practice Center (MN EPC)


The Minnesota Evidence-based Practice Center (MN EPC) is one of 14 centers designated by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to develop evidence reports and technology assessments on topics relevant to clinical, social science/behavioral, economic, and other health care organization and delivery issues.

The MN EPC is comprised of a broad range of experienced clinical investigators at both the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis VA Medical Center. We have strong records of systematically analyzing the scientific literature, ascertaining meaningful patterns of results, questioning when evidence is heterogeneous, identifying gaps in evidence and proposing future research needed to close those gaps.

Additionally, we believe strongly that working to disseminate and implement the findings to improve health care practice is a key responsibility (and strength) of our EPC. The Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research (CCDOR) at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center has a long track record of conducting, disseminating and implementing systematic reviews and is the Editorial Office for the Cochrane Review Group in Prostatic Diseases and Urologic Cancers. The University of Minnesota has similar strengths and strong resources in cost-effectiveness analysis. Both the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis VAMC have a strong reputation of working internally and externally to help practitioners and researchers use information effectively.